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Vanessa Marie

Hi & welcome, I'm Vanessa Marie, your certified life coach for women. I'd like to share a little bit about my self-growth journey and success story as a woman, mother and a female life coach for women and perhaps you can relate. I am happy you found me hereI like to get to know my client's on a personal level first before starting them on their transformational journey to achieving their dream life, so, let's turn the table so I can share a few things with you about myself.


I am a mother to twins, in a loving relationship, I enjoy gardening, and DIY home projects, and I plan to live by the ocean someday (soon). I don't know much about astrology except that my rising moon is Capricorn, although I'm a true Taurus at heart - my sun sign. I live in beautiful Hamilton, just outside Toronto, Ontario Canada but, I like nothing more than to put the pause button on winter. I crave the easy breezy playful energy of summer days and finding my center in Mother Nature. I am super passionate about working on my business, my fitness, and most of all, my mindset. I try my best to live every day as mindfully and consciously as possible (still learning)


I can confidently say that each and every event and decision I have made. good, or not so good, has lead me to this very moment. I am grateful for having lived following a societal purpose because it served me at the time, and I have no regrets. But now I can say that I love waking up each day ready to do things my way and impact lives in as meaningful a way I can. It gives me so much clarity, joy, and fulfillment to work on my dream, and I am making it happen every day.


I have been coaching women for over a decade, taking dedicated action to help them achieve a self-growth, optimal for personal success, and confidence to change the way they identify with their mind and body.


Witnessing the women I life coach soar to their highest levels of consciousness is an endless source of inspiration for me. I career coach and support women at any age.

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Well, here's the thing, we ALL have a story, a past, strengths, and weaknesses that shape us—and I am no different. I used to live inside my head, a master compartmentalizer. I convinced myself and those around me that life was just peachy, that everything was fine. But the truth was, life was far from fine. "Fine" is not an acceptable level of existence, and I wasn't being honest with myself. We often try to deceive ourselves when we struggle with low self-worth. I had that little voice inside my head whispering, "I don't deserve better."

Outside influences and a lack of a self-growth had kept me stuck for far too long. Then, one day, it all clicked. I mustered up the courage to say, "That's it! I can do this. I deserve genuine happiness!" And that marked the beginning of my transformative journey.  

Fortunately, I had the support I needed to guide me through that pivotal period. My initial experience with life coaching proved to be invaluable in my healing process. I eagerly looked forward to our sessions, as they provided me with clarity and allowed me to step outside the confines of my struggles. Within those moments, I found solace, escaping the limitations of my own thoughts and truly hearing myself. It was through this process that my self-confidence soared to unprecedented heights. (Read here about how to love yourself first)

Those moments of deep reflection and introspection were truly transformative. They granted me a profound understanding of my thoughts, beliefs, and aspirations. In those sessions, I unearthed my own wellspring of inner strength, rediscovered my passions, and reconnected with my authentic self. The guidance and unwavering personal coaching support I received not only helped me surmount obstacles but also empowered me to craft a life brimming with joy, purpose, and ongoing fulfillment.


Through a significant shift in perspective, I awakened. After years of living in a fog, I regained the power I had misplaced along the way. This newfound conscious awakening was a moment of clarity that opened my eyes wide. Now, I absorb and remember things with remarkable clarity. No longer do I rush through life, allowing days to blend together. Instead, I embrace each moment, questioning and understanding my feelings with intention.

As my mindset expanded and I let go of the emotional anchor that had been holding me back, I experienced a profound transformation. This shift empowered me to make intentional choices driven by love, aligning them with the life I had always envisioned for myself and my children. Placing my goals at the forefront, I established healthy boundaries that encompassed both my physical and emotional regulation and well-being.


Throughout this transformative journey, I discovered the incredible strength of self-love and its capacity to nurture a fulfilling and confident identity. Today, with both my personal life and my business, Vanessa Marie Life Coach, I strive for as close to a work-life balance as I can, and I embrace each day with renewed clarity, purpose, and a profound sense of inner peace.

Through my transformative self-improvement journey dedicated to my own goals and habits changes, I have experienced remarkable growth, allowing me to provide profound support to my clients. My self-growth has played a vital role in this process, as I confronted my fears and challenged my outdated narratives. This realization ignited a recognition of my untapped potential and a shift to a deserving mindset. The only obstacle that stood in my way was the self-imposed limitations within my own thoughts.

If you resonate with any of this and find yourself dissatisfied with the recurring narrative you tell yourself, rest assured that there is a way forward. You may be in a similar place as I once was, but know that a path to align with your higher purpose and embrace a profoundly fulfilling life is closer than it may appear. It starts with acknowledging your potential and cultivating a confident and self-growth journey to self-discovery.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to embark on your own transformative journey if you are feeling the calling within. You deserve to break free from limiting beliefs, embrace your true potential, and create a life that truly ignites your spirit. The path to self-growth and happiness is within your reach, waiting for you to take that courageous step forward.

Vanessa Marie has been recognized as one of the Top Female Life Coaches in North America by Coach foundation, one of the biggest names in the coaching industry.

 Top Female Life Coaches


Have you ever pondered the profound journey of self-discovery and personal evolution that self-growth entails? It’s not just a buzzword; it’s an invitation to explore the depths of who you are and who you can become. Self-growth is the transformative process that transcends boundaries, unlocking your potential, and unveiling the extraordinary within you.

Imagine self-growth as a dynamic roadmap, guiding you through the twists and turns of life with resilience and purpose. It’s about embracing change, learning from experiences, and consciously evolving towards a more authentic version of yourself.

What makes self-growth truly impactful is its adaptability to various life contexts. It’s not a one-size-fits-all concept but a personalized expedition that respects your unique aspirations and challenges. Embrace self-growth as a lifelong companion, ready to support you in navigating the complexities of your own narrative.

So, what does self-growth mean to you? It’s an open-ended question, an opportunity to reflect on the continual process of self-discovery and improvement that can lead to a more enriching and empowered life.

As you reflect on this question, join me in navigating a path of exploration and woman empowerment with Vanessa Marie Life Coaching and discover actionable steps and insights that lead to a more enriching and purposeful life. Let's embark on this transformative adventure together—because your journey of self-growth is uniquely yours, ready to unfold.

Vanessa Marie





If you are a women looking for more self-growth and a woman empowerment coach to help accelerate in an area of your life you feel stuck in, then schedule your free 45-minute Zoom call with Vanessa Marie to have all your questions answered and to see if you are the right fit for each other. 


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