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Finding Your Confidence Within 


2 x 275 USD

$497. USD

confidence course

Take the steps towards the confidence you say you want the this self-paced online course.

Are you lacking the confidence needed to stay committed to reach and sustain your goals?

To reach your next level goals once and for all, you MUST shift your mindset to uncover your confidence needed to reach & sustain your goals.

This self-paced video course takes the guesswork out of how to feel and see the success you've been craving!

Vanessa Marie will be your Life Coach host guiding your in each video, preparing you as you advance through each action exercise and module.

confidence coach

In your 5 Modules + Bonus content, you will learn the foundations to:

>> Understanding your blocks - those limiting beliefs and disempowering habits
>> Focusing in on your inner conflicts that holds you back from moving ahead
>> Uncovering the way you speak and feel about yourself
>> A self-audit of who you think you are and who you dream of becoming
>> Letting go of the pain and shame; to heal yourself toward inner strength
>> The power of embracing your insecurities and forgiveness
>> How to start loving yourself and your body with more gratitude
>> Change your thoughts and, you will change your life
>> How to stop over-thinking & living inside your head
>> Deciding to take action towards your dreams
>> Taking confident aligned actions steps
>> Returning to your TRUE SELF
And especially the RESULTS you've been looking for!

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This online course is for you if:

– You have not been putting yourself first and now feel like your needs and desires are lost in the busyness of life.

– You're unsure how to get back to feeling good again.

– You've been feeling lost, unclear, unfulfilled, and disconnected from yourself.

– You want to feel energized, at peace and alive so you can feel confident to reach your goals.

– You're fed up from feeling out of control.

– You’re ready to commit to learning, growing, and shedding old thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you.

– You welcome a self-paced and online course structure

$497. USD

This online course is not for you if:

– You’re looking for someone to tell you what to do and how to live your life.

– You're looking for a short and quick fix (hate to break it to you but there are no quick fixes for longterm results).

– If you don’t like self-paced learning and prefer to work 1:1 (although you can always add on 1:1 sessions with Vanessa at a discounted rate).

– You aren’t able or willing to commit 2 hours per week with an online course, learning and applying the content.

– If you prefer hands-on, practical learning experiences that involve physical activities or demonstrations

– You’re not open to exploring new perspectives and are resistant to personal growth and change.

2 x 275 USD


✔︎ Your online course is held on the platform so you can work on it anytime and it s completely self-paced


✔︎ LIFETIME access to the program content and recordings plus free future version updates

✔︎ 15 training videos

✔︎ Modules filled with lessons, each with their own actionable exercise

✔︎ Loads of strategies to unleash your confidence and self-worth

✔︎ Downloadable fillable eBooks


✔︎ Graphic tools

✔︎ Audio recordings


7 Free eBooks Included!

Confidence course

+ Option to add-on a 1-hour 1:1 life coaching session with Vanessa at a discounted rate at completion of your online course for additional coaching support

confidence course

Over 65 pages + 15 videos, audio recordings, proven strategies, lessons & fillable action exercises in eBook format.

Immediate Access
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online course
online course
online course
online course
online course
online course
online course

what clients are saying

"I can't contain my excitement about Vanessa's course, Finding Your Confidence Within."

Before taking this course, I struggled with social anxiety, which made it difficult for me to connect with others and express myself authentically in the line of work I'm in. But Vanessa's expert guidance and transformative strategies helped me break free from my fears. I am still a work in progress but now I confidently trust myself to engage in social settings, build meaningful relationships, and express my true self with ease. This course has been a true catalyst for personal growth and has positively impacted all areas of my life. If you're ready to overcome social anxiety and unleash your inner confidence, Vanessa's course is an absolute must!

Leah  Adamson
Beauty Expert

woman coaching

"I now communicate with clarity, and have more meaningful connections."


Before taking this course, I struggled with a lack of confidence that affected my relationships. I found it challenging to express my needs, set boundaries. But thanks to Finding Your Confidence Within, I've experienced a remarkable transformation. This newfound confidence has enriched my relationships, allowing me to build deeper bonds and express myself authentically. I watch the videos repeatedly and love the online platform which is easy to navigate.

woman coaching

Jessica Anne
 Graphic Artist 


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