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Vanessa is the founder of Vanessa Marie Life Coach, a thriving coaching business and her personal brand. She is a women's life coach who helps transform their mindsets, habits, and goals. Her online coaching programs offer support and accountability for women striving to achieve optimal health and personal growth. She also leads an online community that teaches and guides growth-focused women to shift their mindset, push past self-doubt, and pursue their personal development and lifestyle goals so they can live fulfilling and successful lives.

Vanessa writes about her own personal growth and challenges, goal setting, and habit change. (Related: It's Really Okay to Love Yourself First - Here's How)


She has an academic background in sociology and additional university accreditation in mindfulness & neuroscience. 

It is her passion and purpose to empower women to look within for answers, to step out of their struggles and to live an authentic and whole worthy life.


Read up on the blog to get more on Vanessa's perspective and insight. When we share our inspirations with others, we all win.

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