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                   The True You

What is a Personal Coach?

Exploring your personal development involves delving into realms like mental, spiritual, social, emotional, and physical well-being. The initial stride towards personal growth entails recognizing the areas ripe for enhancement. Enter the realm of personal coaching – a dynamic partnership that navigates these diverse facets.


Through personalized strategies and support, personal coaching becomes the conduit to your life's aspirations. Whether refining mental acuity, nurturing emotional resilience, or optimizing physical vitality, a personal coaching journey propels you toward success in achieving any lifestyle goal. With the awareness and desire to change, personal coaching becomes the catalyst for meaningful transformation.

Despite the varied titles such as life coach, personal coach, and transformational coach, they essentially serve the same purpose. These coaching titles are essentially interchangeable, reflecting the diverse landscape and approach within the coaching profession.

So whether you are aiming for enhancement in any area of your personal or professional life, personal coaching becomes a guide. It steers you toward tangible lifestyle goals, providing the support you need to finally feel empowered, confident, and satisfied with where you are and where you are headed in your life.

Let's Co-Create Your Dream Life Together with My System

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                   The True You

Your 5-month 1:1 personal coach by your side

My Awaken the True You™ system is for you if you are ready to receive aligned accountability coaching support and powerfully and consistently show up for your dreams. 


This 1: 1 personal coaching is a 5-month one-on-one program designed to shine the spotlight on an area of your life that you are ready to tackle, where you will feel safe, accepted, and free to be yourself.

Learn to continually set goals and take care of this relationship with your SELF, and it will continue to give back – rewarding you for a lifetime.

Whether it is with weight loss, lack of energy, personal development, your lifestyle or all of these, my years of experience as a personal coach will ensure you receive the results you have not been able to find on your own up until now.

When you finally awaken that higher vibration within, outer possibilities are endless!

My Awaken the True You system is your 5-month soul-shifting personal coaching journey that will ensure RESULTS so you will:

✔️  feel amazing!

✔️  have clear and focused direction

✔️  experience heightened self-awareness

✔️  achieve personal breakthroughs

✔️  cultivate a positive mindset shift

✔️  enjoy enhanced overall well-being

✔️  understand goals-setting techniques
✔️  feel worthy of all your desires
✔️  have more energy again
✔️  be happy & in control of your life

✔️  have balance in all pillars of your life
✔️  feel confident & in love with yourself 

✔️  have an accountability coach by your side 24/7

You'll receive a safe personal coaching experience, trusted guidance, individualized worksheets, weekly tools, and online support so you can succeed.


Take the first step toward personal coaching for women so you can foster a healthier connection with your mind & body, step out of your struggle and into your true highest self.

All you have to do is decide to take committed action.

Spaces are limited as I work individually with each female client. So apply so we can talk and to get your name on the waitlist list. 

Your #1 Accountability Coach!

The investment in yourself is half of your personal transformation. Continual effort with dedicated 1:1 personal coaching with an accountability coach will get you the rest of the way.

If you find yourself struggling to maintain accountability on your own, let me provide the support you need. Through my personal coaching services for women, and my transformative Awaken The True You™ system, I will guide you towards elevating your self-love, expanding your mindset and embracing your inherent worthiness to claim your purpose.


Just imagine the possibilities if you could fully embody your life each day, experiencing greater health, love, abundance, energy, pleasure, and a true sense of living!

Whether your goals involve achieving a healthier body, making lifestyle changes, improving your nutrition and eating habits, or cultivating balance in your life, it all starts with deepening your connection with yourself.

And at the core of it all lies your mindset. How you feel and think about yourself holds the key to your success.


Yes, you need a confident and self-growth mindset to be able to tap into everything you desire.


But, if you are looking for a quick fix, this isn't it.

Stepping outside your comfort zone is essential to overcoming insecurities and achieving true mind and body transformation. With my personal coaching system, dedicating time to yourself each day will gradually result in manifesting magic.

When you know that you are truly deserving of whatever abundance you would like to call in, your conscious mind will create it. You might just need a little help in getting there.


I am confident that with a strategic goal-setting system, we can build you your dream life through your personal coaching sessions. That's what I am here for! To guide you as your accountability coach with the direction you have been longing for to get you there.

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Awaken Your True Self Within

As your personal coach, I’m here to cheer you on, create a calm space for your growth so you can stop sitting on your dreams and open your mindset to all that you are worthy of receiving.

Why I'm the Ideal Personal Coach for You

I have been personal coaching female clients for 12+ years to achieve true healing and mindset growth. I have been guiding women through a process of becoming aware of their bodies, behaviors and their mindset while holding themselves accountable as they create new and consistent habits to create long-lasting confidence so they can actually reach and sustain any goal they have been dreaming of!

I focus my personal coaching practice in career coaching and life coaching because, well, women can be both boss babes and mavens of potential in their personal life.

By connecting to our higher selves, we can lead more meaningful and prosperous lives. I understand that everyone's journey is unique, but with my support by your side as your personal coach in life, you will learn to embrace your insecurities and overcome them, enabling you to reach your full potential.

I approach life coaching women collaboratively and transparently. An accountability coach helps you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself so that you can confidently take conscious action toward improving your life and achieving balance, well-being, and peace.

Through your 1:1 personal coaching with Vanessa, you will gain clarity, value, and purpose in your life, becoming more aware and accelerating your progress toward your desired outcomes.

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women coaching
Top female life Coach

Anything is possible with that kind of accountability coaching by your side!

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Your 1:1 Personal Coaching Journey Includes:

✔️The Awaken the True You ™ System


✔️Experienced guidance of an accountability coach exclusively for women, guided by a woman

✔️ 60-minute one-on-one virtual personal coaching sessions each week to accelerate results

✔️ Awaken The True You™ system created for growth-minded women like you

✔️ 22 x virtual personal coaching calls with Vanessa

✔️ Result-based coaching strategies backed by science & psychology

✔️ Personalized exercisesresources tools — & how to apply these on your own

✔️ Accountability Coach support 24/7 through email & text check-in access with Vanessa 

✔️ In depth and invaluable, enlightening session recaps 

✔️ I hold a safe, compassionate space for your healing journey to open up and be heard

There is no better investment than in yourself

Your healing journey requires you to invest in yourself.
You are the only one who can do this. I am always transparent & want you to make the best decision that's right for you.

You are worthy of continuing to invest in yourself.

There is something special and dynamic about women coaching other women specifically. It creates a unique bond and understanding, fostering a supportive environment where female life coaches can inspire and guide their clients to reach new heights.

If you are a female looking for more self-confidence and someone to keep you accountable toward your goals, schedule your free 45-minute laser-focused virtual personal coaching session with Vanessa Marie, to explore what a partnership would feel like.  This too is a perfect opportunity to have all of your questions answered as well.

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You don't have to try and figure this out all by yourself. 

The best time to start is when it's hardest to commit because it's when we need help the most.
Your personal coaching experience starts today.

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