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A Step by Step Guide to Mastering Your Goals

If you're tired of being trapped in the never-ending cycle of unfulfilled dreams and persistent obstacles, this self-paced, immersive eBook will empower you to shatter the grip of stubborn old habits, conquer your challenges, and emerge into a life filled with joy, inner peace, and profound fulfillment.

From Dreams to Reality offer isn't just another goal guide; it's the spark that ignites your deepest aspirations. Inside these pages, you'll discover the wisdom and strategies that have already inspired countless individuals to take charge of their lives and achieve remarkable transformations.

Picture the exhilaration as you breathe life into your dreams, setting your true potential in motion, all at your own pace.


Your extraordinary journey starts right here, right now.

Price: $27 USD


Learn the transformative power of sustainable change to set and maintain your goals.

 from Dreams to Reality
from dreams to reality

This Self-Paced, From Dreams to Reality eBook Will Guide You to Get Results with:


Confidence is essential to set up your power, vision, clarity and readiness for the life you dream of and the goals necessary to get you there.


When you honor and show up to your fullest, most worthy self, you anchor your desires and create a foundation for them to unfold and flourish. 


The more you activate your inner beliefs that are set to limitless possibilities, the more you will play out that level of energy and soar toward the habits and goals you commit to doing to turn your dreams to reality.


Committing to your self-growth and expansion, despite fear and discomfort, allows you to call in your highest purpose, aligned with clarity, and unshakeable confidence to thrive.

from dreams to reality

...and all your dreams come true

Meet Your Coach

woman coaching

In case you don't know me already – Hi, I'm Vanessa Marie, a life coach for women.

My mission centers on empowering high-achieving women, guiding them to lead their businesses, relationships, and lifestyles authentically and with unwavering self-worth. 

Now, I'm thrilled to share all my transformative insights with YOU. I'm offering an even deeper dive into my years of experience and training through my self-pace, From Dreams to Reality eBook, enabling you to kickstart your personal journey, providing that much-needed boost to reach your goals on your own.

Take the Steps Towards the Life You Say You Want

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If you want to have more energy, more confidence, and look and feel better, then it all starts today with an easy to navigate 57-page eBook that will show you how! 

From Dreams to Reality will help you learn the foundations to:

✔︎Unblock, reprogram & manifest your dream life

✔︎Reconnect with your authentic self with confidence

✔︎Wake up with energy & the knowhow to thrive each day

✔︎Set goals like a boss & learn how to take committed, aligned action

✔︎Have the clarity, direction, & tools to maximize your full potential

✔︎Stop wishing & start awakening & embodying the woman you yearn to be

✔︎Embrace your insecurities & feel worthy of manifesting, turning dreams into reality

✔︎Transform your mindset & take charge of your habits and goals!

Price: $27 USD


What you can expect inside From Dreams to Reality eBook:

from dreams to reality

You get access to the entire content vault:

>> 57-Page fillable eBook all backed by psychology & neuroscience

>> Putting Awareness Into Your Beliefs & Getting Clear on Your Goals 

>> 3 Steps to Clarity Lesson

>> Mindset Exercises to Uncover Your Blocks

>> 5 Step Action Exercises 

>> Goal setting Checklist & Roadmap 


>> Extra Tools to help implement all you've learned 

>> & 25% off discount code for online confidence course

>>Additional accountability coaching support

A Step by Step Guide to Mastering Your Goals

Price: $27 USD


what clients are saying
life coaching for women

I decided it was time to start working on my goal of finally eating clean and I knew I needed some help to get me started. Vanessa's eBook really helped me to see why I had been struggling and what I needed to do in order to make immediate positive change to my diet. Even though I don't need to lose weight, I have put off getting healthy but I have already made significant gains since completing the workbook. It really help me identify certain blocks and beliefs that I had not thought about before. I'm so happy I grabbed it!

Kara Norsk 
Media Manager


The workbook has had a massive impact on breaking pessimistic thought patterns and turning my limiting beliefs to positive actions through the unique and thought provoking exercises created by Vanessa Marie. I was able to examine insecurities that overwhelmed me and found assertive ways to change my approach, transforming challenging emotions into sustainable personal growth. Getting unstuck through the supportive exercises in the workbook has been simply illuminating.

life coaching for women

Helen Georgopoulos​
Sales & Marketing Manager

life coaching for women

The ebook helped me navigate through a time of transition in my life. I loved the opportunity to reflect and talk through what had been holding me back. The lessons clarified my next goal steps and gave me the confidence to pursue options I was fearful of stepping into. The lessons and information were clear and well organized. I would highly recommend this powerful ebook. It's a fantastic mindset tool.

Sonia Tomczak

If you are ready to finally step into the powerful creator of your life, sign up below  to get your From Dreams to Reality eBook downloaded direct into your inbox!

Price: $27 USD


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