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Feeling Overwhelmed With Your Career Path?

Toronto Career Coaching

As your dedicated career coaching service, my focus extends beyond conventional job searches. My mission is to guide you towards feeling genuinely fulfilled and empowered in the role you desire. Together, we embark on a journey of personal growth, helping you step into your professional identity with passion and confidence.

Navigating career changes can be daunting, especially without a strategic plan, clear goals, and effective career coaching. As a Toronto career coach who grew a successful life coaching business from the ground up, I intimately know what it is like to pursue my career goals while being a mother, partner, small business owner, and educator.


Empowering women to crystallize their purpose-driven, flourishing careers, I provide tailored tools, professional strategies, and unwavering confidence through career coaching to secure and help you thrive in your envisioned professional path—even if right now, that seems like a distant dream. Upgrading your mindset and believing you can accomplish big career goals is my jam!

Toronto career coaching



You've put in the hard work to reach this point in your career but you know in your gut there's more out there for you – more success to reach for! Whether you're dreaming about that next-level role you've been eyeing on or contemplating a complete shift altogether, don't let uncertainty hold you back. As your career coach, I'm here to guide you through this unchartered territory and help you unlock the possibilities that lie ahead in your professional life.

 To have anything you desire, you first have to believe you are worthy of it – like that juicy new corner office or stepping into your own business you've been imagining for years. How you feel about yourself is how you sell yourself, how others see you. So unlock your career goals and awaken your true potential with career coaching strategies designed by Vanessa Marie.

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What is career coaching?

A career coach is someone who collaborates with you to clarify your goals, overcome challenges, and develop strategies for career success while keeping you closely accountable each step toward your end goal. I work closely with growth-minded women, offering tailored advice to enhance skills, build confidence, and achieve fulfillment in their chosen careers that speak to their skills and passions. Whether you’re aiming for advancement, contemplating a shift, or seeking overall career satisfaction, a career coach is your dedicated ally on this journey.

What can I expect during career coaching?

Through one-on-one sessions, robust reflection, and navigating through the overwhelm, we'll tackle specific concerns that have held you back, set achievable milestones, and explore growth opportunities aligned with your vision. Anticipate a distinctive approach with Vanessa Marie, a collaborative and empowering partnership where I'll assist you in unlocking your potential, overcoming limiting beliefs, and achieving fulfillment in your chosen career. I'll pose insightful questions to help you recognize and maximize your strengths while addressing weaknesses and devising strategies for improvement. Career coaching strategies centers on your present experiences and future goals – it's a goal-driven service.

Vanessa Marie, your Toronto Career Coach

My career coaching aligns seamlessly with my guided personal coaching to help you conceive and build a life you'll love. While your career stands as a significant pillar, it won't flourish without a well-grounded and stable foundation. Together, we collaboratively determine what feels right and resonates with your talents, skills, and overall lifestyle. It's essential that what you do aligns with the other pillars of your life for long-term sustainability. As your career coach I will guide you through the vast sea of opportunities locally and globally, helping you discover your authentic calling that not only fulfills you but also brings financial rewards. With the power of grit and perseverance, I will help get you toward your goals with lasting career coaching success.

What can I NOT expect?

Each of us brings our own expertise to the table. If you have a broken toilet, you'd call a plumber, right?

Similarly, when it comes to crafting a résumé or refining a LinkedIn profile, I provide assistance through the initial stages but we leave crafting it up to the professionals who specialize in elevating these components. But rest assured, you're in expert hands until you're ready for that stage. Instead of fine-tuning your résumé or navigating job platforms like Indeed, come prepared to immerse yourself in discovering your drive and direction. This is our focus – gearing up for you to make a commitment to your future self with aligned and customized career coaching sessions.

 Toronto Career Coaching



Whether it's cultivating a positive work environment, enhancing leadership skills, or achieving a harmonious work-life balance, I am here to support you in creating a career that brings you both joy and fulfillment. A tailored experience to help you thrive as an individual within your professional life.

Career coaching is not just about the job market but about understanding the unique career landscape here. It’s about building networks, leveraging opportunities, and navigating through the complexities of diverse industries. Through focused strategies and personalized coaching, you can harness these dynamics to carve out a successful path that resonates with your career aspirations.

Moreover, engaging with our career coaching service ensures that you’re equipped with the tools and insights necessary to excel in this competitive environment. We’ll explore various avenues for career advancement, from improving your networking skills to refining your organizational skills, ensuring that you stand out in this dynamic job market. Together, we will forge a path that not only meets your professional goals but also enriches your personal life.

Here are some of the key takeaways you will experience while working with Vanessa Marie as your dedicated career coach:

✔️ Uncover Your Unique Path:  Together, we'll uncover your individual strengths, passions, and skills to guide you towards a career path that resonates with who you are.

✔️ Network Authentically:  Master authentic networking approaches that connect you with opportunities that match your skills and passions.

✔️ Personal Career Coaching Support for Achieving Your Goals:  Experience accountability support to stay on track and achieve your career goals. Together, we'll create a roadmap and I'll be there every step of the way, ensuring your actions align with your aspirations for a fulfilling and purpose-driven career.

✔️ Fulfillment in Your Career:  Our collaboration aims to bring job satisfaction and fulfillment by aligning your work with your intrinsic motivations and passions.

✔️ Confident Career Decision-Making:  Boost confidence in your career decisions by aligning them with your unique blend of skills and experience.

✔️ Harmonize Work-Life Balance:  Achieve alinement that suits your lifestyle by identifying roles that not only utilize your skills but also align with your desired career path.

✔️ Expert Guidance 24/7:  As a Life Coach, you get access to my career coaching expertise whenever you need it. With career coaching guidance I will help you navigate the journey of aligning your skills and passions for a meaningful career.

Toronto Career Coach
Women's Coaching & Toronto Career Coaching Service with Vanessa virtually via Zoom from anywhere worldwide
toronto career coaching


It doesn't matter where you are located or where you are on your career ladder, moving up or transitioning down. My career coaching service is available to you virtually to suit your schedule.  If this sounds like we might be a match for success, book your free 45- minute clarity call and decide that today is the first day toward the change you want to see in your career and life. 

There are so many possibilities in life just waiting for you to be honest with yourself and your desires to turn your dreams into reality.  As both your life and career coach, I will guide you toward the clarity and purpose that is within reach.

You can read more here about my personal coaching background.

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