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Vanessa Marie

Women's Life Coach

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Coaching Women to Reach Their Goals & Thrive

Masterclass for women

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Strategies for women, created exclusively by a woman life coach.


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What if I told you there are three problems currently hindering your progress towards your goals? Addressing these right away can set your goals up for success. ​As I have been a life coach for women for nearly a decade, I'm certain that my proven strategies will create massive change if you are: ~Stuck in a cycle or trapped in a rut by their history. ~Ready to shed weight, not just physically, but emotionally too, and embark on a journey towards overall health. ~Lacking the self-confidence necessary to pursue new connections or relationships. ~Drained of energy and time, leaving little room for personal growth and exploration. ~Overwhelmed by lingering emotions and the struggle to let go of the past. ~In need of unwavering accountability and support to ensure consistent progress. ~Uncertain about how to navigate the intricacies of healing and building new relationships on their own. ~Desperate to break free from the clutches of their trauma and finally find the love and healing they yearn for. In this FREE 60-minute online Masterclass video training, you'll discover the goal-setting mistakes you might be making, actionable steps to overcome feeling stuck, and strategies to accelerate your success and achieve all that you desire! You'll discovery, that your experiences do not define you, and healing is not only possible but transformative. As you take steps towards self-love, growth, and ultimately, finding love once again, you're creating a path towards a future that's brighter, richer, and filled with the promise of genuine, enduring love.

life coach

I'm Vanessa Marie

I am a dedicated women's life coach who is passionate about helping women like you reach their health, career and personal growth aspirations.


Having a women's life coach as a mentor and support is like having a personal trainer for your mind. And interestingly enough, I've been a certified personal trainer and an expert in health and wellness for over 12-years. I now, dedicate my practice to empowering women just like yourself who struggle to achieve a healthy lifestyle, and regain the energy they used to have.

As a female life coach, I create a calm, open space where women feel supported and heard, removing confusion and uncertainty, and teach them how to release the negative energy that drains them, that keeps them from moving forward.


Coaching women online (virtually) by helping them change the way they see and love themselves, from the inside and out. I take the guesswork out of personal growth so you can see the results you've been looking for.  It's at the core of what I do.

Vanessa Marie Top Coach


If you're here, it means you're seeking the results that have been elusive on your own. But remember, you possess untapped resources within you, and with focused effort, you can bring them to the surface.


If the desired results remain out of reach, then your current approach may not be effective.


With over a decade of experience coaching women across Canada and the United States, it's what I excel at. Consider giving my approach a chance. If doubt arises, it's likely fear speaking, wanting you to remain in your comfort zone – that inner voice trying to keep you safe.


But don't dwell on that inner voice or your current situation. Your present circumstances are unrelated to where you can go. Your arrival on this life coaching website happened for a reason. It's time to let go of less effective methods and the path of going it alone. Trust your instincts and explore the transformative power of what a women's life coach can offer you.

Ready for your life to change ?


woman life coach

During this 45-minute clarity life coaching call, specifically designed for women, you'll have the opportunity to ask Vanessa Marie questions and explore if there's a mutual fit for working together.


She will provide insights and guidance tailored to your current health and lifestyle challenges, empowering you to make informed decisions about your personal growth journey.

This complimentary women's life coaching call serves as a valuable opportunity for you to gain clarity and receive personalized insights. 

Whether you're a woman seeking accountability, self-discovery, or a supportive space, this call is designed to empower you to take the next steps towards realizing your goals.

If you choose to continue with Vanessa Marie as your online female life coach, she will be honored to offers ongoing support and accountability for your mental and physical goal-setting progress.

Life coaching women to unblock, reprogram and manifest your dream life.

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life coaching client

Hannah Blake
mother of 3

Each private life coaching session freed me from struggling and being overwhelmed by this diet culture. I have gained a whole new approach of acceptance and self-love for myself which was a huge part of holding me back from my weight loss goal. I met with Vanessa twice a week online, but she was always there for me anytime I needed. She is like a friend and always looks out for you. So grateful!

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